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It’s Not Easy Being a Parent of A Gifted Child…

Life as a parent of a gifted child is not fun when you don’t have answers.

The answers can be spread far and wide across many disciplines and can be difficult to find.  Many parents of gifted children feel all alone, different from other parents.

Intensities, sensitivities, emotional overexcitabilities can be overwhelming!

Parents of gifted children struggle with unique challenges that other parents do not have.

There is Hope!

When you understand your child, their strengths and weaknesses through the lens of neuropsychology, the social and emotional characteristics of giftedness, and some of the Top Supportive Parenting Paradigms of today……

Overwhelm turns into Encouragement!

Our Resources

Resources for Young Children and Teens

Is My Child Gifted? Characteristics List of Gifted Children

Your Free Characteristics of Gifted Children CheckList. The Holistic Definition and Social and Emotional Characteristics of Gifted Children

Program for Parents with Gifted Children 

Encouragement Parenting Training for Parents of Gifted Children

Your hands-on resource to handle challenging behaviors and your roadmap for parenting gifted children ages 5-11, even if you’ve tried other parenting systems.


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Your Online Video Training includes:

  • How to end power struggles and get kids to listen
  • Key Phrases and Words that invite cooperation
  • How to understand your child’s behavior
  • Uncovering what’s driving the behaviors that you see (the real reason for troublesome behaviors)
  • How to manage anger and intensities
  • How to support self-regulation and problem solving
  • The 30 minutes once a week Meeting that brings peace and quiet to your home
    and so much more

(Value: $997)

  • Gifted 101 Training via Email

(Value: $200)

  • Full Access to the Encouragement Parenting Online Portal and Program for 1 full year
  • My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Tools and skills from evidence-backed parent programs that work

(Value: priceless)

How to Parent a Gifted Child Training 

Combining current research with hands-on examples and experiential exercises, you will learn about misconceptions of giftedness, gain a deeper understanding of your child, and take away my 3 biggest parenting strategies.


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  • The Mistakes People Make when Identifying Gifted Children when they don’t know the 2 traits that all gifted people possess and the different types of gifted.
  • The not talked about issues and characteristics of Gifted Children that will help you understand your child like never before.
  • My Top 3 Parent Strategies using hands-on experiential work so that you take away solid tools when parenting your child.

So you feel more connected, focused, and confident when parenting your gifted child.

  • Full access for 1 full year
  • My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Tools and Skills from evidence-based Parent Trainings that Work

This is the training I wish I would have had when my son was 3.  The training my clients say they wish they had years before they came to see me.  This training is educational only, it is not intended for mental health consultation or consultation regarding my child’s health or mental health.


 Family Success Formula Workshop

Limited Time.  Limited Space.  Live Training.

Get the 4 Step Formula that helps family members get along better, teaches respectful communication and problem solving skills and helps you feel more confident as a parent.

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How to

  • Feel More Confident about when Parenting Your Gifted Child
  • Help Family Members Get Along Better
  • Teach Respectful Communication and Problem Solving
  • Decrease Problematic Behavior
  • Increase Your Enjoyment of Parenting
  • and so much more
  • in as little as 30 Minutes each week (I promise that this formula when used as recommended takes 20-30 minutes each week and the average client sees changes and results after using the formula consistently after 4 meetings).




“My “baby” is leaving for college in two weeks. I so wish I had this information 18 years ago. We knew my oldest was gifted but my son was very different. Creative type with intensities that masked giftedness for a while. Good night. Bless you for sharing this information and clearing up misconceptions.”


Listening to this talk really re-set my mind for positivity with my family and the internal visual of my children in 15 years made me cry, loving families we all have and want.”


Catherine Gruener, M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, PDTC    
Author of Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When You Have the Unexpected
As Seen at The Davidson Institute, Chicago Gifted Community Center, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, Quest Academy, The Science and Arts Academy, The Avery Coonley School, Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted, Parents of Gifted Education, Community Organization for Gifted Children

I could write about my degree in neuropsychology and degree in clinical counseling.  I could talk about how I’ve been assessing, counseling, and helping others be their best selves through research and clinical jobs since 1994.  I could even tell you about all the awards I’ve gotten over the years, but I suspect you already know about all that, and if you don’t, you can easily find it elsewhere on the internet.   But I bet you would like to know what I know about gifted children and parents, and who I am.

 Hi, I’m Catherine.  Since 2009 I have dedicated myself to understanding what this thing “Gifted” means, all the characteristics, the ups, the downs, the ins and outs about gifted children and families.  I’ve been trained in counseling gifted, wrote a blog that I took down and am moving into this community, have been active as a board member for the social and emotional lives of Gifted children, have given talks across the U.S. and across the Greater Chicagoland area, spearheaded an initiative across the Chicago-land area to educate mental health professionals on the unique characteristics of gifted children, convinced IAGC to work on educating all school social workers on the social and emotional characteristics of gifted, and even self-published a book, “What to Expect When You Have the Unexpected, Parenting Young Gifted Children.”   Would you like to know more?  Take my signature starter course above and let’s get to work together.

Book cover of Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When you Have the Unexpected

Parenting Young Gifted Children

What to Expect When you Have the Unexpected

Social & Emotional Issues and Parenting Strategies for Parents of Young Gifted Children

by Catherine Gruener

About the Book

Parenting a young gifted child can be challenging. What seems like blessings in any child can become problematic in the intense and asynchronous gifted child. Without knowledge of social and emotional issues of gifted children, adults can misinterpret common gifted traits and behaviors as flaws or pathology to be diagnosed and “cured.” Parenting Young Gifted Children provides readers with practical information about young gifted children (behaviors, traits, and characteristics), along with research backed parenting theories, approaches, and tools. This edition includes a bonus section with information and strategies for emotional intensities. Combining current research with hands-on examples, this book offers readers insight, understanding, clarifications, and strategies for parenting young gifted children.


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