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Client Results

“I learned more in 1 session than 7 months of play therapy.”

“The Strategies….Panic Erase Method……2-Minute-Mind-Reset…..Information on Anxiety…..

I can’t thank you enough”

“Your calming and empowering techniques are having a transformative effect on me already! Thank you so much for sharing this life changing information!”


How Anxious Are You?

How Anxious Are You?

Get Calm Quick Guide

Quickly Stop Negative Thoughts and Calm Your Body

My Approach

Providing you with life-changing trainings that use heart-centered, research-based practical tools to help you overcome anxiety and problems, stop negativity and take control, so you can live the life you were meant to live. Create more loving, more connected, and more fulfilling, relationships with the Reset and Relax Programs.

Teaching skills is different than psychotherapy and counseling. I help my clients understand and manage the stress and problems life throws at you, and believe when you have the right skills, you can tackle anything. My client’s call these skills “life skills.” I believe, when you know and use the right skills, you don’t just survive but thrive.

All of my offers are evidence-based strategies from Adlerian, Cognitive-Behavioral, Dialectic Behavioral, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Positive Discipline, Parent Management and Parent Wisely. Tested and refined over 25 years experience working as a counselor and mental health therapist.

If you feel like you don’t know what to do or what you are doing isn’t working…then these programs are for you.

How It Works


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Reach Your Goals

The sky is the limit when we work together. Leveraging years of experience Catherine will help you realize your goals.


Get Calm Quick Fast Track Training

Create your personalized 3-step-action plan, quieting the mind and body, reducing your stress and anxiety, so you can GET CALM QUICK


More Details

What is in the Fast Track Training Online Video Course:

  • The Full step-by-step Toolkit
  • Detailed video instruction in bite size chunks so you can Master each Step
  • Guided questions that helped over 50 of the Wellness Universe panel participants get unstuck from negative emotions
  • How to spot and identify common automatic negative thoughts
  • How to identify your physical symptoms of stress and
  • How to replace spiraling negative thoughts and physical symptoms of stress using a 3 step-process going from out of control to in command
  • And an added training on how you can add essential oils to boost this 3-step-process
  • Full Access to the program for an entire year

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Transform Your Anxiety into a Superpower Workshop

Discover the 1-2 Punch that turns anxiety into a SuperPower so you can stop the worry, feel more in control, and begin to kick anxiety to the curb


More Details

Your Online Video Course Workshop Includes:

  • Training from 2 certified coaches, Andrea Warren and Catherine Gruener

  • Transforming brain power from out of control to in command (the source of the superpower)

  • How to Identify Super Villains before they jump out and attack (ANTS and the 4 types of Anxiety)

  • Our 1-2 Punch Method that has brought immediate relief to our clients

  • Our Special Morning Ritual and Routine to start the day off strong

  • Full Access to the Program for 1 full year


  • The Smart Action Start Guide -This Guide has an essential oil that busts up anxiety along with cognitive behavioral strategies that help begin the transformation of anxiety into a Superpower.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Reset and Relax 2.0 Program

Discover our One-of-Kind Research-based CBT Strategies combined with Essential Oil Formulas that will allow you to Reset Your Mind and Erase Panic Quickly


More Details

If you’ve been getting stuck in emotion or a never ending mind loop, you probably think that you are doing something wrong, or that something might be wrong with you. You may have tried relaxation techniques and other tips only to be disappointed when they don’t work. Stop trying the same relaxation techniques over and over, only to feel more discouraged when they don’t work. You need better information. We have combined multiple fields of holistic and mental health research, to create a one-of-a-kind program and are offering you this Workshop and extra support to help you START FEELING BETTER RIGHT AWAY.

What is included in your Online Video Workshop:

The Reset and Relax Program 2.0 Will Help You Gain:

  • Body Awareness: how to identify your body signs of stress and anxiety
  • Mind Awareness: how to identify negative thinking before it gets out of control
  • Insight into Mischief Makers: how anxiety shows up in your life and relationships and what’s holding you back

You Will Learn:

  • How to safely and effectively use 5 essential that decrease anxiety
  • How to prepare your body and mind for relaxation
  • Breathing techniques that start the relaxation response
  • How to Clear Your Mind with a simple 5 step technique
  • How to Reset your mind using the 2-Minute-Mind-Reset Technique
  • How to Erase Panic with the Panic Erase Method


  • Worksheets that guide you throughout the process
  • Bonus Tips and a Bonus Mindful Meditation
  • 3 (30 Minute Starter Videos)
  • Levels of Anxiety and what the heck do ANTS got to do with it?
  • How anxiety and essential oils affect your brain
  • Common therapies and essential oils that treat anxiety, their usefulness and limitations
  • Full Access to the Program for 1 full year

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Calm Quick Toolkit

 Create Your Personalized 3-step-process to stop negative thoughts and calm your body Today!


More Details

LIMITED TIME BONUS: CREATE YOUR SAFE SPACE TRAINING (value $100) Free to you with this Toolkit

Download your toolkit with instructions on how to:

  • Identify your signs, signals and triggers of anxiety
  • Label and recognize thoughts that create stress and anxiety
  • Replace worrisome thoughts about physical symptoms with Facts

Your Toolkit includes:

  • Guided questions that helped over 50 of the Wellness Universe panel participants get unstuck from negative emotions
  • Common automatic negative thoughts and physical signs, and how to identify your top 3
  • Information about a natural ingredient that when used with certain techniques, creates an instant BOOST to the strategies
  • How to create your personalized strategy to stop negative thoughts and the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety
  • monthly e-mail support
  • ….and so much more

Frequently Asked



Is this counseling or psychotherapy?

No, this is not counseling or psychotherapy. This is an educational class, an online training. This class is not a substitute for nor a training in place of counseling or therapy and is not a consultation regarding my mental health.

How to I Access My Program?

Once you complete your purchase we set up your account and your login and password will be emailed to you within 24 hours

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can ask questions directly in the online class portal.

Does it work on a Tablet or Smartphone?



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